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Schwab 5000 skjalaskápur eldvarinn

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    Schwab 5000 skjalaskápur eldvarinn
    Hæð 136 sm x breidd 50 sm x dýpt 80 sm. 
    Verð kr. 55.000. Nývirði um 350.000

    Schwab Series 5000 Fire and Impact Rated Vertical Files have been built to exceed the stringent UL label requirements for the following tests:

    • A one hour test for fire resistance in external temperatures exceeding 1700°F.
    • A 30 foot drop impact-resistance test in addition to a 1550°F fi re resistance test.
    • A 2000°F explosion hazard resistance test.

    All Schwab Series 5000 Vertical Fire Rated Files are UL rated to keep its contents safe from fire, and all Schwab Series 5000 Vertical Fire and Impact Rated Files are UL rated to survive a fall of over 30 feet and still keep its contents safe from fire. Combined with an explosion hazard UL rating, these tests prove that the Schwab file is built to protect in the face of any disaster. Available with either a fire and impact resistance rating or a fire resistance rating only, 

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